Between Colorado, Utah, and Nevada — This is some of the driest climate in the entire country. Very intense UV rays from the sun can cause cancer and other effects that are less than fun to deal with.

Introduction to the Window tint! Not only does it help to keep the powerful glare of the sun from blinding you from seeing the traffic in front of you. It also helps keep the interior cooler in some cases. Depending on the material you get you can have heat reducing film to keep a nice cool driving space.

Another good thing is security. All teamsters know about staying alert when sleeping over night as to make sure noone is stealing their products that they are transporting. Keeping window tint on the vehicle can reduce the chances of passersby looking in and getting a glance of those nice new shades you got at the last truckstop.

Deserts can be unforgiving and the deserts that surround Denver are no different. Protect yourself while driving out there with window tint film to protect against the powerful sun. Desert trees are few and far between and most are placed there by man since they naturally wont grow in such unforgiving climates.

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